Commuter bikes

Discover the ultimate combination of style, speed, and comfort with Cortina's commuter bikes. These bikes are designed to make your daily journey to work as smooth as possible. After a long day at work, it's delightful to truly clear your mind while cycling. Avoid traffic jams and opt for the convenience of a Cortina commuter bike!

man standing next to a cortina e-Lett work bike.


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Commuter bikes

Discover the ultimate commuting experience with Cortina. Our collection combines speed, comfort, and functionality for your daily bike ride. Whether you're navigating through city streets or cycling quickly to work, Cortina has the perfect commuter bike for you.

Trendy bikes

Our commuter bikes are designed with a contemporary aesthetic, clean lines, and subtle colors. From minimalist to bold, Cortina offers various models that align with your personal style.Versnellingsopties

Gear Options

For those who like to pick up speed, Cortina offers sporty bikes with various gearing options. Whether you opt for the precision of a single-speed or the versatility of multiple gears, every kilometer is a comfortable ride.

Test ride

Considering the purchase of a sporty Cortina bike? Take a test ride at one of our official Cortina dealers. Experience the speed, comfort, and agility of our sporty models firsthand and discover which bike suits your active lifestyle best