E- bikes

Our electric bikes stand out for their looks and have a distinctive and stylish appearance. You can choose from e-bikes with a front-wheel motor, mid-motor, and rear-wheel motor.

man standing next to a cortina e-silento electric bike


High frame
Low frame


Are you looking for an electric bike that effortlessly cruises through the city? Cortina offers an extensive collection of e-bikes designed for speed, style, and comfort. Whether navigating busy streets, efficiently commuting to work, or enjoying a relaxing weekend ride, Cortina has the perfect electric bike for you.

Electric city bikes

With streamlined designs and modern technology, our e-bikes are not only fast but also visually appealing. Whether you prefer a sleek appearance or vibrant colors, Cortina has various bike models that suit your preferences.

Smart gear options

For an optimized riding experience, Cortina offers electric bikes with various gearing possibilities. Choose the precision of a single gear or the versatility of multiple gears, ensuring a comfortable ride for every kilometer.

Determining Frame Size

After selecting a bike, choosing the right size is crucial. This step is essential because if you pick a frame size that doesn't fit you well, your biking experience won't be enjoyable. To determine the correct size, you can test it at a Cortina dealership. If you prefer to order the bike online, we've provided a convenient size chart to help you find the right frame size. For a sporty electric bike, we recommend choosing a slightly lower frame size for increased agility. If you opt for a comfortable e-bike, rounding up the frame height provides more comfort while riding in an upright position.

Belt Drive or Chain

On an increasing number of Cortina electric bikes, you'll find a belt drive. This is a plastic belt system that offers a lightweight and quiet ride. Additionally, the belt drive doesn't rust, experiences minimal friction, and requires little maintenance. These advantages of a belt ensure a relaxed commute to school or work!

Test Ride

Considering the purchase of a Cortina electric bike? Take a test ride at one of our official Cortina dealerships and experience the speed, comfort, and convenience of our electric bike models firsthand. Discover which e-bike best suits your active lifestyle.